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Bio Nutriente

Eco Organic Certified Nourishing Body Treatment

Dry Skin

BIO NUTRIENTE is an eco-organic deeply nourishing body treatment against dry skin, for skin care routine.

The treatment is enrich with organic certified Camellia Oil, a Japanese flower, with moisturizing and enlightening qualities to give softness to skin.

Extra-Soft Nourishing Formula for body care

The formula is extra-soft and it is enrich with ICEA certified organic active ingredients:

• ORGANIC CAMELLIA OIL, moisturizing and brightening action;

• ORGANIC CAMOMILE EXTRACT, softening action;

• ORGANIC MARIGOLD EXTRACT, revitalizing action;

• ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER, intensely hydrating action;

• ORGANIC ARGAN OIL, protective action;

Skin is smooth and velvety with a spicy, warm, sweet and floral scent of White Vanilla.