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Olive cosmetic properties

The olives come from the olive tree, a typical Mediterranean, Africa and Asia evergreen tree, belong to the variety Olea europaea, and are characterized by being a fruit of small size, which changes colour from green (unripe state) to the purple and black (maximum degree of ripening).

Olives are very important in the diet because of their high nutritional power, but also for the general beneficial effects that are able to operate on the organism: the mix of phytosterols, fat-soluble vitamins, chlorophyll and polyphenols contribute to antioxidant action and the reduction of cholesterol, with positive effects on heart health.

Pressing olives we can obtain the olive oil, excellent in cooking and for cosmetic products.

In the cooking field, it is used to flavor dishes and to helps the organism protection against inflammation, cell ageing, osteoporosis and decalcification.

In beauty treatments is a kind of liquid gold that nourishes and makes the skin soft, lights hair and contrasts oxidative stress. Its fatty acid composition, very similar to the sebum of human skin, makes it extremely compatible with it, fighting more easily the formation of free radicals.

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