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Marigold cosmetic properties

Marigold, with the scientific name Calendula officinalis L., is an annual herbaceous plant belonging to the Composite family: its stem can reach 70 cm in height and the flowers are characterized by their color yellow and orange and a wide variety of nutrients such as flavonoids, sterols, carotenoids and pirogallici tannins.

It is believed that the plant is not born spontaneously but it comes from a diffuse-like species in Morocco and Southern Europe: in each case, it loves warm climates and fertile and soft ground.

From the flowers we get a very rich essential oil that, for this reason, is also widely used in cosmetics; the marigold oil, indeed, is in regenerating, soothing, calming and nourishing cosmetics.

In general, among its benefits there are the healing (because it promotes the production of collagen and fibrin), the anti-inflammatory, the strengthening of veins and, finally, the skin moisturizing power.

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