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Lemon cosmetic properties

The lemon tree (Citrus Limon) belongs to the family Rutaceae and produces the fruit of lemon, rich in vitamin B and C; probably the plant is native to China and, later, it arrived in Persia, Egypt and then to Europe via Sicily.

This citrus is commonly used in cooking to enhance the flavors of the dishes, but it is also used in cosmetics or as a beauty remedy due to its antiseptic, tonic, alkalizing, astringent, antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

The direct assumption of its juice orally supports the health of the general immune system by counteracting flu and colds, promotes digestion, helps the body in collagen production for a faster healing of wounds, and has a whitening effect on the teeth (if it is prepared in a herbal tea with sage).

In the field of beauty the lemon essential oil, which is obtained by crushing the peel, is particularly indicated:

for oily skin because it fights the glossy effect of the T-zone and the formation of pimples, points blacks and enlarged pores;

– as an adjunct in the treatment of cellulite;

– to purify hair from dandruff and make the head of hair strong and vital;

– to strengthen the nails.

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