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Camellia cosmetic properties

Camellia (Camellia) is a beautiful flower of the family Theaceae, evergreen shrubs of Indian Japanese and Chinese origin , which was imported to Europe by the British East India Company. Depending on the variety it can take on characteristics and different colours, such as pink, red, white, be scented or unscented.

Not everyone knows that from its leaves is obtained green tea, one of the most beneficial drink for our body because full of antioxidants.

From the Camellia leaves and seeds, through cold pressing, we can produce the excellent camellia oil, rich in oleic acid, vitamin A, B, E and polyphenols.

This oil is highly regarded for its cosmetic properties because:

it moisturizes, softens and makes more elastic dry or sensitive skin;

– its use on face and neck acts against the formation of wrinkles, with an anti-ageing effect that makes the skin young and glowing;

– it fights acne and accelerates healing processes and tissue regeneration;

– it cleanses the scalp from dandruff and makes hair stronger, brighter, more vibrant.

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