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Shea butter

Shea Butter cosmetic properties

The Shea Butter (in INCI listed as Butyrospermum Parkii Butter (Shea Butter)) is obtained from the seeds, called shea nuts, of the majestic tree Vitellaria Paradoxa, spread throughout Africa.

Among the peoples of Africa shea butter it is known as the tree of youth and health, and it is the secret of skin beauty for women of these tribes.

The extraordinary properties of shea butter derived from the wealth of vitamins A, D and E contained in it: this feature makes it ideal for both direct use of the raw material both for inclusion in cosmetic formulas.

In general it is characterized by nutrients and soft qualities that fight dryness of skin and hair, and for the antioxidant power that fights the formation of free radicals.

The application on the skin helps to keep the latter perfectly moisturized, with a healthy complexion and to protect it from external agents, thanks to its protective film. It is also ideal in case of small scars and burns, since it soothes pain, and post shaving and after shaving the beard because it heals small cuts.

Moreover, it prevent pregnant women stretch marks.

On the hair is ideal for fighting dryness of lengths and tips, and to make them stronger and shiny.

Finally, the shea butter is also excellent as a balm for the lips, especially in the case of cold and wind, for the care of dry hands and, finally, to reinforce the brittle nails.

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