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avocadoAvocado cosmetic properties

The Avocado is the pulpy fruit of the tropical plant Persea Americana Mill, of the Lauraceae family, which has a longevity of around 200 years, with broad and dark green leaves and small yellow flowers from which the fruits are born.

The Avocado fruit can weigh up to 1 kg and reach a length of 20 cm: the skin usually is green, the surface is rough, the pulp is yellowish and the seed is dark with a teardrop profile.

It is native to Central America and Mexico because it needs a sub-tropical climate and its discovery took place during the Spanish explorations of the continent.

Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and oleic acid omega 9, the avocado has excellent nutritional values although high in calories: for this high lipid concentration is entered in vegetarian and vegan diets, in place of meat. You can only eat the pulp, which has a creamy and smooth consistency, and a flavor similar to that of the nut.

From the pulp it can be obtained, by cold pressing, centrifugation or by high temperature solvent (if it is intended to cosmetics) an extremely nourishing oil.

Avocado oil, that we find in cosmetic formulas, has a high moisturizing and emollient action; it is particularly indicated:

– in anti-wrinkle preparations for mature or tired skin, need to be revitalized;

– In anti-stretch marks and firming cosmetics;

– in restorative and moisturizing treatments.

You can find this active ingredient in:

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