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Argan oil

Argan Oil cosmetic properties

The argan tree, also called the “tree of life”, is a typical plant of Morocco and Algeria, very impressive and long-lasting (can live up to 200 years).

The fruit of the Argania Spinosa is a fleshy drupe, oval in shape and yellow-brown in color, inside which there is the Argan nut; from the nut it is possible to extract the precious argan oil that can be used in cooking or in cosmetics based on the fact that the kernels are roasted or not.

If kernels are roasted its extracts is for cooking.

If kernels are not roasted, through cold pressing, we can extract argan oil for cosmetics (in the INCI we find it as Argan Spinosa Kernel Oil). Its beauty virtues are many for this is placed in a multitude of products for body and hair.

The wealth of tocopherols, vitamin E, flavonoids and fatty acids creates an antioxidant complex:

– to prevent and fight skin ageing, with a general anti-ageing action;

– to reaches the deepest layers of the skin making the skin supple and toned;

– to gives nutrition, shine and softness to skin and body, even after a long exposure to the sun that can make the skin very dry or cracked;

– to restructure dry and brittle hair, strengthening them and making them silky and bright;

– to strengthen brittle and flaking nails.

In the natural use is a great massage oil that, in addition to nourish the skin of the entire body, soothes muscle spasms and cramps, promoting relaxation; finally, it speeds up the healing process and cell renewal, so it is useful for burns, redness and irritation.

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