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10 exercises to improve your mind

New year, new goal: boost the capabilities of your mind with 10 useful exercises.

The brain is an involving and still unsolved mystery: indeed it is assumed that human beings uses only 10% of it. Could we improve this percentage? Certainly. The goal of this new year will be to improve the capacity of our mind with 10 practical exercises to do day by day, or almost.

Here there is the list in 10 points, to read all in one breath, because studies show that those who exercise the brain has 63% less chance of developing dementia (source: New England Journal or Medicine).

  1. Sport: the Latin used to say “mens sana in corpore sano”. Expression that connects body and mind into a single system because physical activity stimulates the coordination and supports the regeneration of the whole body.
  2. Balanced diet: we have to eat regularly and quietly. The diet should include nutritious and energy foods, because the brain needs a lot of energy to do well.
  3. Experiment with the new: we live guided by patterns and stereotypes that govern actions, reactions and behaviors. It is way that our brain has developed to get around in the jungle of cognitive input from which is bombarded at every moment. This positive cognitive strategy at times, however, may prove to be restrictive since the brain is “unaccustomed” to face the challenges of the unknown, remaining in its comfort zone. So it’s good to surprise it with something new or unusual, like listening to a new genre of music or change the home-work journey.
  4. Working out the inconsistencies: this is an exercise that requires a few minutes and a bit of patience. Write on a piece of paper the names of colours but using a pen colour different from what we write (for example, write the word “Green” with a blue pen). The reason? Read them out loud voice, trying not to be fooled by this inconsistency!
  5. Count down: a very useful mathematical exercise to speed up the mental operations. A suggest: count backwards by subtracting 5 at a time, or 3 etc.
  6. Learn the songs by heart: in this case we train our mnemonic skills. Listen the lyric of a song few times and then try to sing it: without realizing it, we will try to create new connections that help the memory, boosting your cognitive abilities.
  7. Challenge: we have to create small obstacles every day and try to overcome them. It may be some new skills to be developed to improve our job or, simply, to test ourselves with some logic operations.
  8. Read: reading opens up a multitude of new worlds, of imagination and creativity. Therefore it is good to read new books regularly, from different genres, but also poems: indeed the latter stimulate a reflection and introspective mood and if we read the aloud we can stimulate greater attention to sound rhythms and meanings.
  9. Stimulate the attention to details: sometimes it’s good to have a general view, others focus on details. If the latter thing is more difficult we can improve ourselves with specific exercises, for example, to observe an image full of objects for 30 seconds, put it away and try to transcribe the objects seen. From time to time, we will be noticed a marked improvement.
  10. Be unselfish: sometimes it needs to gratify the brain. An original way is to dedicate themselves to others with acts of kindness and generosity, that give us a good mood.

These beautiful intentions are easy to implement and above all contribute to the strengthening of our logical and emotional intelligence.

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